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Does your dog dream about sheep?

....... then start positive herding today!

Sheep tested, dog approved

Are you looking for a way to start herding inside, without livestock?

Welcome to dog-friendly herding

What the dogs say ...

 (When they talk!)

Pure Gold

My favorite part of the foundation training is the tugging fun.

Sir Gold

Herding has always just clicked for me!

Qwest for Gold

I love the clarity that positive training brings to herding.

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What Sally says ...

(Sally is a student of my method of positive herding. I mentored her as she trained her border collie Renn from a puppy to the South African Sheepdog Association's 2016 Reserve Junior Champion.)

Sally Adam

"This is the book that I wish I had when I was training Renn to herd. 

I couldn't see the way forward when I started positive herding, but you have an advantage that I didn't have. This training manual lays out, with easy to follow instructions, the important steps you will take to transform your dog from a clueless pup to a competent, useful herder."

Imagine you and your dog herding brilliantly!

 Positive Herding 101 gives you the tools to get the fun started, without livestock or leaving your home, and includes:

  • Setting your dog up for success

  • Detailed training plans

  • Troubleshooting tips

  • Video links and over 200 illustrations

Creating savvy handlers and thriving dogs!

Build herding skills:

  • In your home.

  • Using cones, treats, and toys.

  • Without livestock.

My step-by-step approach to positive herding sets you and your dog up for success!

Barb Buchmayer

Come bye to learn more about herding!

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